Brief pictorial history of John's MB5 construction

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Some random pictures from John's album

These photos are taken from John's immense library of his plane in various stages, other photos are of some friends who assist him with parts, money or labor. (NOTE: This page takes little longer to download because of all the photos. It is well worth the wait).

John is riveting cover for oil reservoir

2003, John's official Logo was created by Chris Moore, owner of Chrismooreart, Walton-on-Thames, England. The silk screening is done by RST Images, Ceres, CA. The logo is used on all caps and clothing that John has on hand for sale at his hangar. A limited inventory is on hand that will be sold during race week.

June, 2002, John, Hersch Rourk, Juan Reddick and a visitor, on a warm afternoon at the hangar.

June, 2002, plane sitting on tarmac, with menacing storm clouds closing in.

September, 2003, John talking to fan who's curious about the origin of John's plane.

December, 2004, left engine bank on workbench, leaks being repaired.

September, 2004, John and brother, Paul, in front of John's plane at the air races.

2002, Pat Marrs, enjoying a flying magazine from John's library. He helped John in the early years that John was in Reno. He still drops by for visit, usually during the air races.

Last piece of equipment to be hand built by John; this air scoop housing was finished  and mounted in fuselage in 2006.

February, 2003, Kevin Nelson, friend of John's, watching plane being started up.

July, 2004, first time engine in John's plane has been run.

2005, June--Ernie Nelson and his 2 children, stop by for a visit. Ernie is a good friend. and is the brother of Kevin, pictured on this page.

June, 2006, left side elevator is being installed.

June 19, 2006 --- A big day for John and the MB5 replica. First time the plane had taxiied in it's history.