Reno Air Races Photos of John's plane on Display

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While at the races, stop by the hangar and visit with John and his friends and neighbors

             By Paul D. Marlin

The photos below were taken during various years at the Reno Air Races. John has displayed his plane, either in front of his hangar, or at a special static display near the grandstand area. It has allowed race fans to view his plane up close and personal. John makes himself very available to the general public and tries to answer all queries concerning the MB5.

Pictures supplied by Paul Marlin, from his library of John's Plane---with the exception of  the Faerie Firefly.

John receiving plaque from Rolls-Royce at static display, in 2003

September, 2002, first year that John's plane was displayed at the Heritage Association's static display.

September, 2002

John, with his wife, Carol alongside, are
returning plane to hangar after exhibiting
his plane at special display area.

September, 2003

Fans flocked to glimpse of this one-of-a-kind aircraft.

September, 2003

Some of the aircraft that participate in the
air show are seen on the flight line, taken
from area of John's cockpit..

September, 2004

The Faery Firefly, completely restored
by Captain Eddie Kurdziel, taxiing to
his spot at the display area. Good
friend of John.

September, 2005

Mike Nothnagel and Tom, good
friends of John, who attend the races
every year, and help John with
various tasks needed to do show his plane.

September, 2000

Plane being admired fans during air races. Plane had not been painted yet.

September, 2002

Fans admiring John's plane from rear side
of special display area.

September, 2003

Photo taken from cockpit area, of the
fans standing in front of  John's plane,
watching aerobatics.

September, 2004

John, relaxing in cockpit, taking in the
festivities at air show.

September, 2004

John's big bird, being checked out
by some fans.

September, 2004

John and brother, Paul, trying not to look
as cold as the weather was this year at
the races.

Latest picture of John's plane (09-15-2014)

This is latest photo, taken by Paul Marlin; of John's MB5, sitting on tarmac in front of his hangar during the Reno Air races; held from Sept. 10-14 at Stead Airport. Many fans were able to view his plane up close and to take pictures of his plane. A good time was had by all fans, from many countries as well as the U.S. They really enjoy the openness and candid talk from John, explaining about the history of the plane, as well as many other queries.