John at work

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Various photos from early years to present day

These pictures are from John's albums, garnered through the years, showing him at work on plane, and visiting with his friends, many who have helped him with tasks, or just dropped by to chat and have a beer or two. Photo below shows John towing plane outside, with help from brother, Paul, to take plane out on tarmac.

Magneto problems

Two technicians from San Francisco visiting, trying to solve problem with rebuilt magneto.

June, 2002

Some longtime friends of
John --  Hersch Rourk, Juan Reddick; plus unnamed visitor, chewing the fat.

August, 2002

Neil Dresbach, very close friend and aide
to John, working on the cowling of plane.
He has been  helping John for many years.

OOPS! How did this get in here???

They say all work and no play, well, you know
the old saying; so John and brother Paul
head to the watering hole, the Bonanza
Casino, the Cactus Creek Saloon.

Now, Back to Work

Heads removed due to water leaks, being
repaired with new O-rings to stop leaking.

September, 2014

John's plane at the 2014 air races; we had many, many visitors to the  hangar; happy to welcome them, explain his project and not predict this time when it's going to fly. It will be definitely posted on youtube when we do test plane.


Circa 1998

Photo of plane in early stages of
completion. John was asked to pose
for album.

John's kitchen in hangar

2nd most important thing in hangar is the
kitchen; 1st is the heater. This is where
John and Paul cook  up meals during
work hours.

Deep in discussion

John and Juan Redick, having a technical
discussion about various problems with
plane. (just kidding).

Where's the skin?

John and Neil looking like the cat that ate the mouse; actually, they have the panels off to
enable them to perform various tasks.

John's favorite bartender

Visiting with John is Paul Mann,
bartender at Bonanza Casino, and where
John stops in to visit, usually only when
brother Paul is in town.

So Long to an Old Friend

John and Neil have loaded banks into
truck to take to wash area for testing
the heads for leaks.  John's brother, Don,
is standing in background. Hersch was
visiting and one of the last photo of him alive.
He will be greatly missed by all..

There's more to life than the airplane

Just to show that he's a stand-up guy, John does help others in their hour of need. He volunteered his brother  and himself to assist in a room-raising project for his friend Paul Mann. After a hard morning's work, it was time for a cool one. Then, back to the old grind.