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This site will be used to keep you informed with the progress of John's airplane, as well as other important news related to the project.

Latest news from Reno. John has finished all the main metal work, i.e., flaps elevators, ailerons and wheel cover panels. He is now proceeding with finishing up the canopy reinforcing, and many rivets that have to use cherry max rivets because of blind space for bucking them. He had it out in front of his hangar for the air races last week and had many fans as well as other visitors, admiring his work. The major snag now is the front prop. One blade is out of balance quite a bit, and Stockon Propellor Repair in California, is trying to solve the problem for John. Outside of that everything is working smoothly; the engine is performing well, and when the props are finished, John wants to use the 8000-foot runway at the airport to try some touch and go's with the plane. He hasn't settled on a test pilot as yet, but has several in mind. And last, but not least, John is still looking for sponsors, so if any you fans and visitors alike, know some person, company, etc., who would be interested, have them contact John at his email site: johnmarlin7111@yahoo.com. If we could find a sponsor, it would really speed up the finishing process.

Latest News-Sept., 2014. A little behind in keeping you fans informed of progress of John's plane:

Just visited with my brother at Stead airport during air races; everything is coming along smoothly, still quite a bit of tedious jobs to do. He has been progressing slowly, due to outside interests he has to attend to. We were able to get some work during race week, but probably enjoyed the races a little too much. He has been running engine and has finished up work on the brakes, fuel cells, all flaps are finished, all metal has been installed now, still some work to finish on the canopy, wiring radio to use for test flight, props need to be set for feathereing, engine has been running smoothly at 2000 rpm. Cutouts for the wheels has to be done,  as well as reinforcing all the fuselage panel, using a tie-down method. Plane looks like a real warbird now, all painted and decals have been added. Will do better job keeping all fans updated. 


Paul, crew chief


email me at: sonny@johnmarlinsmb5replica.mysite.com, or johnmarlin7111@yahoo.com

Below is John's plane, taxiing at Stead airport last summer, the plane is nearing completion, has run engine at 2000rpm, and hopes to ground hop plane when weather warms  upl